Converting a basement into usable living space is one of the most popular projects for homeowners, but this renovation can be costly. If you’d like to upgrade your basement, here are a few ideas to make improvements on a budget.

Upgrade Your Basement When You Install Lighting

Most basement spaces are lacking in windows and natural lighting. Make the most of any windows by keeping them unobstructed. If you choose to add window treatments, use sheer fabrics to allow light into the space.

Install lighting as needed for the space you’re finishing. For an office or library, use floor and desk lamps to provide enough lighting. If you’re installing a bar, hang pendant lights above the bar top. For a home theater space, use rope lighting along the wall to illuminate rows of seating.

Clear the Air

It’s more difficult to maintain quality indoor air in a basement. Use an air purifier to trap contaminants and keep allergens under control. If the basement tends to be damp, install a dehumidifier to help manage the moisture.

Add Throw Rugs to Upgrade Your Basement

If your basement floor is concrete, give it a paint job and purchase a few rugs to warm up the space. Rugs are more comfortable underfoot and can be used to add color to your basement.

Focus on One Area

Renovating the entire basement is a big project. If you’re on a budget, focus on one area at a time. Create a small home office, a craft space with a desk for projects, or a cozy corner for playing video games.

Curtains as Dividers

Since adding walls can be an expensive project, define different areas in the basement with room dividers or use curtains to separate the spaces instead.

Paint the Cinder Block (or Drywall)

Add color to the basement by painting the walls. Use paint to brighten dull cinder blocks or plain drywall. Because moisture and mold growth are often issues in the basement, begin your paint project with a mold-inhibiting primer. If you’re painting cinder blocks, choose a concrete sealant and concrete primer to get started.

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