Smoke detectors are important pieces of safety equipment. In order for them to function properly and sound an early warning when a fire breaks out, they have to be installed properly. Here are a few tips for smoke detector placement in the home.

‏Smoke Detector Placement on the Ceiling‏

‏Attach smoke detectors to the ceiling. If this isn’t possible, the next best place is high up on a wall, between 4″ and 12″ from the ceiling. Smoke and heat rise, so if something is on fire, the highest points in the room are the best places for smoke-detecting devices.

‏Install Detectors on Every Floor‏

‏Purchase smoke detectors for your entire home. It’s important to have at least one device on each floor of your home. Install a smoke detector in each bedroom and in the hallway outside the bedrooms. Your family members are typically less alert when sleeping or relaxing in their rooms. Smoke alarms in sleeping areas will ensure everyone hears the alert.

‏Away from Windows and Doors‏

‏Placing smoke detectors near windows and doors may prevent them from functioning properly. Drafts around doors, windows, air vents, and ceiling fans can divert smoke and delay the sounding of the alarm. Choose a spot well away from these features for your smoke detector placement.

‏Don’t Paint Over a Smoke Detector‏

‏Homeowners sometimes paint their smoke detectors to match the style of their rooms and blend in with the space. This is not recommended because paint can interfere with the function of the detector. Keep the devices clean and free of dust for the best results.

Smoke Detector Placement in the Kitchen

‏Kitchens are the most common places for a house fire to break out. However, because this is where meals are prepared, the kitchen also often has a number of false alarms. To reduce the chances of setting off the alarm when cooking, use the ventilation fans and install your kitchen smoke detector 10 – 12 feet away from cooking appliances.

A house fire can cause significant damage, costly repairs, and in a worst-case scenario, injury or loss of life. Protect yourself and your family by testing your smoke detectors regularly. ‏Replace the batteries in the devices twice each year.

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