There are several home safety essentials every family should keep on hand. Use the following tips to make sure your home is stocked for emergencies and make any needed upgrades so you’re prepared for issues at home.

Security System

Security systems protect your home and family. Most people report sleeping better at night knowing that their alarm system is in place. Another good reason to install a security system is the discount you might get on your home insurance policy.

Smoke Detectors are Home Safety Essentials

People are much more likely to die in a house fire if the house is missing smoke alarms or if they aren’t working. That’s not a risk you want to take. Smoke detectors are some of the most important home safety essentials. Check your smoke detectors for working batteries every month. Even hardwired smoke detectors need to be tested because they have a backup battery.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It’s important to know whether there are toxic fumes in your home that pose a threat to your family’s health and safety. You can’t smell or see carbon monoxide, so make sure that you have working CO detectors, especially near any gas appliances.

Home Safety Essentials in a First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen at any time. Buy a quality first aid kit so you’re prepared for any type of emergency situation, and keep it well-stocked. Periodically, check the expiration date on all medications in the first aid kit and discard any expired ones.

Fire Safety Pack

A fire safety pack is helpful in case a small fire starts inside your home. Small fires can usually be put out safely and quickly if you act fast. These packs typically come with a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket. Get familiar with the fire extinguisher inside your fire safety pack. You don’t want to be reading the instructions for the first time while trying to put out a fire.

Get an Escape Plan in Place

Everyone in your family needs to be familiar with the best ways to get out of the house if there’s an emergency. When we’re at risk, it hinders our ability to make good decisions. Put a plan in place so you don’t need to think about what to do. Here are some issues to think through:

  • How will you or family members get out of the house if stuck upstairs?
  • What phone numbers do you need to have on hand during an emergency?
  • Where are the safety items placed throughout the house?

Safe Appliances are Home Safety Essentials

Sometimes appliances wear out and become dangerous. Any devices with worn down cords should be replaced. When the plastic covering of a cord is frayed or worn through, it becomes a fire hazard. Check that all of your electric devices are UL-certified.

Check your house for home safety essentials and equip yourself with everything you may need. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for an emergency situation and then wishing you had taken a more proactive approach.

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