If you’re building a home, you are excited and ready to move into your new house. Surprisingly, defects are often found with newly-built homes. Make sure your house is in great shape before you move in by ordering phase inspections on new construction.

Order Phase Inspections on New Construction Because New Homes Aren’t Perfect

A brand new home should be free from defects just like any other product you buy. However, here are some common problems found with new construction homes, including:

  • Roof leaks from defective or improperly installed shingles
  • HVAC system problems, such as loose connections
  • Plumbing leaks from improperly assembled piping
  • Grading and drainage challenges
  • Wiring issues, such as open grounds or overloaded circuits

You don’t expect defects in a newly built home, but a construction site is a hectic place. Builders outsource a good amount of work to other contractors. One company might build out the framing while another team installs the wiring. With so many people on the job, mistakes can happen. Sometimes inexperienced construction workers cause problems or defective materials might be used.

In order to make sure your home is built to the highest standards, order inspections in phases. You’ll know your new house was built properly every step of the way.

Phase Inspections on New Construction Begin with the Pre-Pour Inspection

The first inspection your inspector will complete is the pre-pour inspection. This is done before workers pour concrete for the foundation.

During a pre-pour inspection, the inspector looks for formwork or steel defects. Inspectors also look at design specifications for the home’s concrete slab. Each slab’s specifications will vary based on the site’s conditions.

Pre-Drywall Inspection

The next inspection is the pre-drywall inspection. The inspector will conduct this one after the framing, roofing, and windows are in place, but before the drywall is installed. A pre-drywall inspection provides easy access to wiring, insulation, and plumbing. The inspector will also look for floor joist issues and framing problems.

Home Inspection on New Construction: Final Inspection

The final inspection is the most common home inspection on new construction. During this inspection, your home inspector will check for problems throughout the house, such as faulty drawers, shelves, or cabinets. He or she will examine every visible aspect of the property that’s safe to access, including appliances, the HVAC system, lighting, and the electrical system.

Attend Phase Inspections

If possible, attend each of these inspections. You will gain first-hand knowledge of the components of your new home. Ask questions. Don’t distract your inspector, but do try to gain an understanding of their findings.

Phase inspections identify defects for the builder to fix throughout the construction process. Have issues corrected now so you won’t be faced with expensive repairs bills when you take ownership of your new home.

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