As a property owner, you might think that plumbing leaks are beyond your control. You hope that there are no plumbing issues, and instead, respond to a problem when it arises. Learn how to prevent plumbing leaks at home to protect your home from water damage.

Why You Should Know How to Prevent Plumbing Leaks at Home

Water can cause significant damage within a short period of time. It leads to mold growth, weakened structures, and decreased property value. Avoid these problems and take better care of your home by following these easy steps.

1. Insulate Pipes in the Winter

One of the leading causes of plumbing repair service calls during the winter months is frozen pipes that rupture. Exposed outdoor pipes and pipes in your crawlspace are affected by freezing weather conditions. Wrapping these pipes in foam insulation can prevent burst pipes.

When there is a danger of freezing temperatures, leave cabinet doors open under your sinks so warm air can reach the pipes.

2. Schedule Annual Plumbing Maintenance

If your home is not receiving annual maintenance service from a licensed plumber, you might not have any idea about the condition of your pipes. Through maintenance and preventative services, you decrease the risk of leaks and water damage.

3. Protect Your Washing Machine

Because a washing machine uses many gallons of water when it operates, a faulty connection or a leaky pipe can result in serious water damage. Install a moisture sensor that will¬†detect leaks and turn off the washing machine so additional water damage won’t occur in case of a leak. Also, check the condition of the hoses and replace them if they are worn or cracked.

4. Look Under the Sink

Leaks underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks are common, so having something in place to capture the water is a good idea. Keeping a basin under the pipes is a good way to prevent water damage. Check the pipes under your sinks regularly and reseal the connections periodically.

Water leaks from damaged pipes and plumbing features can have expensive consequences, but with these tips, you can help prevent plumbing leaks at home and water damage to your property.

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