Moving to another state is an exciting opportunity to experience a change of pace and a fresh start. It also brings some challenges that require some planning ahead and adjustments. Here are some tips to help your out-of-state move go smoothly so you can more easily settle into your new community.

Moving to Another State: Preparing for and Executing the Move

Moving within the same city or somewhere else close by can be done in stages. It is common for those moving within the same city to take a few days or more to declutter and move their clothes, furniture, and other belongings.

However, when you’re moving to another state, some extra planning is required since your stuff will most likely be hauled to your new home in one trip. Also, when you get to your new home, it won’t be as easy to go back over to your previous one to take care of something you forgot.

Start planning months before your move and make a checklist of things you need to do. Thinking ahead and getting started on the move early will lower your anxiety level and minimize frustration during the move.

Some of the items on that list apply to any move (such as having your mail forwarded or setting up utilities), while others (like scheduling a farewell party or finding a new doctor) are more specific to long-distance moves.

Hiring a moving company to take your belongings should ease the burden of moving. However, you’ll want to be involved with overseeing that process and help with packing things before loading them on the moving truck.

Getting to Know Your New Surroundings

Once you get to your new home, plan a few days to get yourself situated, including unpacking all of your things and getting settled. When that’s done, get to know your new state. Visit some local attractions and take a quick tour of the area to help you feel at home in your new surroundings.

When you’ve moved to a new state, you will likely not have convenient access to your old network of friends except through social media and phone. To meet new friends nearby, attend community events, join a sports team, or join groups of like-minded people. This will help build your support network and give you and your family a sense of place in your new neighborhood.

Complying with Legal Requirements

Moving to a new state means you’ll have to do some things to comply with state and municipal laws. You’ll need to get a new driver’s license within the time frame (usually 60 days or less) designated by the state where you’ll be living. You’ll also want to register your car following the county requirements in your new area.

You can usually find a checklist of the legal requirements when moving to a new state by searching on your new state’s official website.

Moving to a new state can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Take some time to plan thoroughly, and moving to your new home state can be a breeze.

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