It is difficult to find things and fully relax in a cluttered home. Set a goal to declutter your home. It may seem overwhelming, but with these 5 simple steps, you can do it one room at a time.

Declutter Your Home One Area at a Time

Begin your decluttering project by picking one room or closet to start on. When you’re focused on a single area, you’ll make visible progress and have a sense of accomplishment. Complete the work in one room and then move to the next. You’ll feel good about your progress.

Empty the Area First

Once you have chosen an area to start your decluttering project, completely clear out the area. If it is a closet, take everything out and lay it out on a bed. Do the same with a bookshelf or set of drawers. Now that you have a clean slate to work with, deep clean the empty area.

Sort All the Items

You likely have items in your home that you don’t want or need. Sort all of the things you have pulled out and get rid of any item you are keeping for no reason. You’ll have 3 main choices: keep, donate, or throw away. Place each item into one of the 3 separate bags or boxes.

Remove Donations and Trash From the House

Once you have sorted all of your belongings, don’t leave anything in the house that you’re not keeping. Throw away the bag of trash and put the box of donations in your car to drop off at the thrift store the next time you are out running errands.

Give Everything a Designated Spot After You Declutter Your Home

To maintain an organized home, give every item that you are keeping a designated spot. Make sure your family knows where everything belongs so items will be put back in the correct place after use. This effort will help keep your home from becoming cluttered again.

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