The garage is a great place to keep belongings that we don’t need every day. We store all kinds of things: tools, athletic gear, seasonal decorations, and bicycles in our garages. Without organization, the garage is often cluttered. Finding practical garage storage solutions is necessary to maintain a clutter-free and functional space.

Because households are so diverse, there is no limit to the items that might be kept in the garage. Here are a few ideas to help you figure out the best ways to store your belongings.

Divide the Garage Into Storage Zones

Most families keep a varied assortment of things in the garage. From craft supplies to out-of-season clothing, you’ll need a place for each type of item. A great solution is to divide the garage into zones.

First, sort your belongings and group the items that go together. For example, put all your gardening equipment in one pile and gather car-care supplies in another. A practical way to organize is by designating different areas, similar to the ones we see in department stores. What zones will you and your family need? Some possibilities are listed below.

  • home improvement supplies
  • car care and repairs
  • garden tools
  • outdoor children’s toys
  • surplus household supplies
  • sporting goods
  • holiday decor
  • boating or pool equipment

When you have the garage organized by zones, you know exactly where to look for the item you need. It also makes clean-up easier because there is no question where something belongs.

Use Shelves

Install a shelving system that is large enough for the items that you need to store. Purchase plastic storage containers that will fit on the shelves and clearly label each one. Use baskets without lids for items you need to access most often.

Repurpose Furniture for Garage Storage

Think outside of the box for garage storage by reusing old cabinets, shelves, and dressers. A bookcase can be used to hold pet gear or craft supplies. Use an old chest of drawers to organize and store household tools and fasteners. Label the drawers by item type. You might have one for tools, another for painting supplies, another for wires and cables, etc. Visit local thrift stores for affordable used furniture that you can use for garage storage.

Folding Workbench

If you want a designated work area in the garage, build a folding workbench. Workstations typically take up a lot of space, but a folding version is a great alternative that will save space. Purchase a sturdy folding table that you can store out of the way or build a workbench that is attached to the wall but folds down for use.

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