A vacation is an opportunity to get away and relax, but even a short vacation requires planning. In what condition will you leave your home while you’re away? When on vacation, you can save energy and keep your property safe from criminals. Taking a few steps now to prepare your home for a vacation will make for an easier return.

1. Prepare Your Home for a Vacation By Notifying Your Security Company

One of the most important things you can do is communicate with your home security service. Let them know you’ll be away at this time. If an alarm goes off, they will know you’re away and that it’s unlikely to be a false alarm.

2. Let Your Neighbors Know You’ll Be Gone

Choose a friend or neighbor you trust and notify them that you’ll be going on vacation. Ask them to keep an eye out for suspicious activity and to collect your mail. This will make it less obvious to criminals that you’re out of town.

3. Don’t Waste Energy

While you may not be able to unplug your refrigerator or larger appliances, unplug as many electronic devices as possible. Even in standby mode, electronics drain energy. Prepare your home for a vacation by setting your thermostat at a more moderate temperature. This will keep the HVAC system from running more than necessary while the home is vacant. Set your water heater on vacation mode.

4. Lights Should Be Set to a Timer

If you have smart bulbs, program them to turn on and off at random intervals. You can also buy timers for a few of your lamps to help you prepare your home for a vacation by making your place appear occupied.

5. Clean the House to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

Taking the time to clean your house will make your return more pleasant. You may have had a wonderful vacation and a stress-free trip home, but you’ll still be tired. The last thing you want is to come home to a list of chores. By doing some light cleaning before you leave, you can arrive home and relax before returning to your regular daily schedule.

These tips help you leave home in good shape so you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation. Don’t return to unpleasant surprises by preparing your home properly before your departure.

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