Selling your home is exciting, but it is also stressful as you tackle everything before listing your home. A pre-listing inspection is the best way to get your house ready, maximize the value of your home, and minimize the number of repairs needed after the buyer’s inspection. What are some of the benefits of working with an experienced home inspector before listing your house?

Get the Facts on Your Property With a Pre-Listing Inspection

Most people do not have home inspections regularly, which means that major problems unnoticed for years until the home is listed on the market again. A pre-listing inspection identifies issues to fix ahead of time. It will also give you valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your property.

Stand Out From Other Homes on the Market

Buyers may view dozens of homes before finally placing an offer on the one they like the most. As a result, sellers need to do whatever possible to gain an advantage. A pre-listing inspection helps you stand out from other homes on the market and build trust with prospective buyers. You may receive better offers by demonstrating that you went the extra mile to get your home in excellent condition.

Budget for Repairs Effectively With a Pre-Listing Inspection

Unfortunately, some homeowners skip a pre-listing inspection, and the first one performed is by a home inspector that the buyer hired. If there are issues with the property, you will be unable to repair them before the buyer knows about them. The buyer may then negotiate for repairs by their preferred contractor. In these cases, the seller often ends up spending more to have repairs made than if they did it beforehand.

Avoid a Second Inspection

The purchasing process can drag on for a long time, so many homeowners look for ways to speed it up. If you have already had an inspection performed and made repairs, buyers might elect to waive their inspection and accept your results. This often shaves weeks or months from the buying process and saves the buyer money.

Price Your Home Accurately the First Time

Pricing properties is not easy, especially if they have not been inspected in years. A pre-listing inspection will supply you and your real estate agent with detailed information on the condition of your home, major systems like the heating and cooling system, and costly parts of the house like the roof. Your inspection report allows your agent to price your home accurately the first time to get excellent offers.

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