Moving can be a stressful undertaking. It’s even more difficult when you are worried about the weather in addition to packing your belongings and loading a moving truck. If you are planning a move during the winter months when there might be snow and ice to contend with, prepare ahead of time for potential problems. Here are tips for moving in winter.

Talk With Your Movers in Advance

Every moving company has different policies for winter moving. Some will move you regardless of snow and ice, while others might reschedule you for the next business day or week.

Make sure that your contract clearly outlines what will happen if the weather prevents the moving truck from being able to safely navigate the roads.

Clear Walkways When Moving in Winter

Safety matters during any move, but it’s particularly important during winter when slipping and falling are bigger hazards.

On the morning of your move, clear pathways and walkways around the home, apply ice melt, and clear the driveway so that the moving truck can park.

Keep your shovel and salt stored in a place that is easy to access in case you need to also clear snow or ice at your new home when you arrive.

Pack Boxes With Extra Padding

Cold temperatures make fragile items more susceptible to breakage. When packing china, cups, dishes, and glass items, use extra packaging and padding.

If you don’t take time to carefully package these boxes, items could crack from a slight impact or due to rapid changes in temperature between the heat of your home and the freezing temperatures outside.

Bring an Emergency Kit When Moving in Winter

Car trouble can occur at any point during a move, but it can be a major hazard during your winter moving day. Make sure you have roadside assistance set up for your vehicle in case you slide off the road or get a flat tire.

Pack an emergency kit that contains road flares and basic supplies that you’ll need to stay warm until help arrives. If you have snow tires, have them installed before moving day.

Check the Weather Along the Way

You will probably remember to check the weather for your winter moving day at your current location, but don’t forget to look at weather conditions at the new house and along the way.

Look up the route ahead of time to see what types of weather you will be driving through. Plan out an alternate route in the event that your drive takes you through mountains or back roads that are less likely to be plowed.

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