To be a better homeowner and maintain property value, keep up on regular home maintenance tasks. Updates and improvements to the exterior of the home help to improve curb appeal by making the property more attractive. Curb appeal affects how other people – neighbors, visitors, and potential buyers – see your home.

Easy Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

Boosting curb appeal doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. There are plenty of simple projects you can do yourself to improve how your home looks from the road. Thrifty homeowners can purchase discounted or recycled materials to save money while improving the property.

Improve Doors and Windows to Boost Curb Appeal

A new front door will draw attention to the entryway of your home. If the door is old or damaged, replace it. A steel door improves security, boosts property value, and makes the front of your home more attractive. If the current door is in good condition, paint it a new color to complement the rest of your home.

Wash the windows and replace torn screens. Examine the shutters and make sure they’re in good condition. Replace or repaint them if needed. To add a touch of color, install window boxes and plant brightly colored flowers.


When it comes to curb appeal, lighting is a great way to draw attention to the most attractive areas of your landscaping. Add lights to the flower beds or beneath your favorite tree. Install LED lighting to illuminate the walkway at night. You’ll improve visibility and boost safety. To save energy, use solar lights. They will recharge in the sunlight and provide lighting at night without raising your electric bill.

Pay Attention to the Porch to Improve Curb Appeal

If your home has a porch, this is another opportunity to boost curb appeal. Add comfortable seating or a porch swing. If the roof support beams are older, replace them or upgrade to attractive columns. This gives the porch area an entirely new feel.


You may enjoy the trees on your property, but they can grow too large and become a safety risk. Hire a professional to remove dead or dying limbs, shape the trees, and remove tree limbs close to power lines and your home. Healthy, attractive trees add to your home’s curb appeal without putting your property at risk.

The time you spend on curb appeal will be appreciated by your neighbors and can help boost property values. If you put your home on the market, potential buyers will judge it by the first impression from the road. When the house looks well-cared for, they’re more likely to decide to take a tour of your home.

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