You should start your home preparations for winter sooner rather than later. In order to make sure your house is ready for the long months ahead, you’ll need to take care of these home maintenance tasks during fall.

The Most Important Home Preparations for Winter

Fall is officially here. With it comes all of the last minute chores that you put off during the final weeks leading up to these cooler months. Start prioritizing your tasks now by using the following four tips to prepare your home for winter:

1. Focus on Safety When Using Heat in the Home

It’s only a matter of time before you will need to turn on the heat in your home. Do your due diligence and check all safety devices around the house to make sure they are fully operational. Check and replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors so they’ll be operational if you need them. You’ll also want to check that your fire extinguishers haven’t expired.

2. Make Appointments in Advance for Furnace Maintenance

The best way to prepare for furnace problems is to schedule regular furnace maintenance to keep your unit in its best condition. By making appointments before the winter hits, you’ll be able to resolve any smaller issues before they turn into more significant problems. Don’t forget to change out your HVAC filter.

3. Upgrade Your Insulation

As you work on your home preparations for winter make sure your home has plenty of insulation that is in good condition. The better the insulation in your walls and attic, the warmer you and your family will be. Without proper insulation, you’ll find that your furnace has to work harder than it should when heating your home, making your energy bill more expensive.

If you enjoy DIY house projects you might try adding insulation yourself, but most people call a professional for this job. Insulate your plumbing pipes that are in crawlspaces and basements to keep them from freezing which can cause them to burst.

4. Bring Out the Cold Weather Comfort Items

Can’t wait to curl up in some fresh-smelling blankets and quilts this winter? Be sure to get your cold-weather comfort items out from storage and wash them before the cooler months come. Having these items ready for use on the first frigid night will make your home that much cozier.

Don’t let the cool weather that fall brings turn into a cold winter without first getting your house ready. Complete these home preparations for winter while you still have time so your family is safe and comfortable throughout the season.

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