With cooler weather on the way, there are many fall home improvement projects to choose from that are ideal for this time of year. The milder temperatures make it easier to endure the rigors of manual labor. Some projects are especially important because of the way your home is affected by harsh winter weather. These tasks will prepare the home for changing seasons.

Outdoor Fall Home Improvement Tasks

The pleasant weather of fall provides a perfect opportunity to tackle outdoor tasks and home improvement chores. Here are a few things to put on your fall checklist.

Tree Care

Having trees on your property makes your home more appealing and inviting. They shade the home from direct sunlight, but because of their height and mass, trees can be a safety hazard. The winter months are tough on trees. If a particular tree has started to lean or show signs of a problem, call a professional to remove it to reduce the threat to your home. A weakened tree may survive summer storms, but ice and heavy snow can stress a diseased or damaged tree and cause breakage.

Even if the trees in your yard are healthy, branches may need to be pruned if they’ve grown too close to the home. Trim branches so they don’t fall on your home or vehicle during a winter storm.

Fall Home Improvement: Driveway Repair

Paved driveways are built to expand and contract with the changing temperatures, but this constant stress will inevitably cause cracks to form over time. While the spring and summer are the best times to repave a driveway, you can still tackle the job in early fall, as long as temperatures average over 50°F. If you wait until the weather is cold, the freshly poured asphalt will cool too rapidly, leading to problems that may require you to do the job all over again.

Maintenance Tasks Inside the Home

Winterizing your home is an annual process. With time, you’ll develop a routine for accomplishing these tasks. Getting your house properly prepared for winter will keep you warm and help reduce heating costs.

Preparing the Heating System

Change the filter on your heating system. The filter collects dust, mold, and dander, causing the heating system to operate inefficiently and stressing its internal components. Get the HVAC unit ready for colder weather by having it inspected and serviced early in the fall.

Caulk the Windows and Doors During Fall Home Maintenance

Check windows and doors for drafts. If you detect airflow, apply caulk to gaps around the frames. Remove and replace old weatherstripping that is cracking or crumbling.

Inspect the Fireplace

Take a look at the inside of your fireplace and clean it if needed. Scheduling a professional fireplace inspection and chimney sweep is a smart move for any homeowner, giving you peace of mind knowing that your fireplace is safe for use.

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