Electricity is an essential part of modern life. According to statistics, electrical malfunctions are responsible for more than 40,000 house fires every year. Any electrical issue at home is a safety concern that should be addressed promptly. The following are some clear warning signs that you have electrical problems in your house.

Power Surges

Electrical surges are caused by malfunctioning home appliances, defective electrical wiring, lightning strikes, and problems with power lines. Surges may only last microseconds and often go unnoticed. However, if you experience surges that damage electrical appliances, take action. Consult a professional electrician to identify the problem and make repairs.

High Utility Bills May Indicate an Electrical Issue at Home

If you notice a sudden increase in your electric bill, something is wrong. You may be facing a leaking water heater, power surges, or defective wiring or circuits. Have an electrician identify the cause of the high energy bills and make repairs to fix the issue.

Electrical Shocks

Electrical shocks aren’t normal and they are not pleasant. Shocks often occur when plugging in an appliance or turning a device on or off. Sometimes, you’ll notice them when the device is running. Call an electrician to troubleshoot, because this is a clear indication that you have an electrical problem.

Burning Odors are Signs of an Electrical Issue at Home

Does it smell like something is burning in your house? Burning odors are a sign that you have a problem, such as the protective covering on wiring has melted. When ignored, the situation can lead to an electrical fire.

If you notice these odors in your home, switch off power from the main circuit and call in an expert to pinpoint the source of the burnt smell. He or she will look for exposed wiring and sparking outlets.

Frequently Blown Bulbs

If you’ve been changing light bulbs more frequently, you may have an electrical issue that needs attention. This could be due to high wattage, faulty wiring on the circuit, or a poor connection within the fixture. Identifying the problem is best left to a professional.

Loose Electrical Outlets

If your light switches and electrical outlets only work intermittently or they stop operating altogether, this indicates loose or damaged wiring. Don’t attempt to reconnect the switch or outlet. Have an electrician perform the work safely.

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