A deck is a great addition to your outdoor living space and there are easy ways to make your deck more functional, attractive, and safe. Here are some ideas for DIY deck upgrades so you can enjoy your deck even more.

DIY Deck Upgrades Include Yearly Deck Maintenance

One of the necessary DIY deck upgrades is yearly deck maintenance. Wooden decks should be washed, sanded, and sealed once per year. These tasks will help your deck last longer and make it safer for family and pets. You’ll sand away splinters that could cause injury and address any areas that need to be fixed.

Add Storage Benches

Adding benches that double as storage is a practical DIY deck upgrade. Storage benches work great for keeping grilling tools, gardening supplies, cushions, and other things that are used outdoors. Along with storage space, you’ll also gain extra seating for entertaining guests on the deck.

DIY Deck Upgrades for Lighting

Deck lighting makes a big difference for both ambiance and safety. Mount solar lights to the front side of the stairs leading to the deck that will automatically turn on at dusk. String lights can be woven around the railings as a festive lighting option. If you have a roof or canopy over your deck, use it to mount string lights overhead. Otherwise, you could install tall poles to the deck railings to hang strands of lights across the deck.

Build a Bar

This DIY deck upgrade is one of the more complex and expensive ones, but also one of the most rewarding. You can get creative by reclaiming worn-out furniture that is no longer suitable for indoors. Old bookshelves, desks, cupboards, and hutches can be incorporated into the bar area. Paint them bright colors to bring the bar to life. You can even install a mini-fridge and a TV if you have power outlets on the deck.

Add Shade to the Deck

Your deck will be much more enjoyable to spend time on during summer with some shaded areas. Add shade with an umbrella, shade sail, or even a potted tree. Shade also keeps the deck floor from getting too hot, making it safer for bare feet and pets.

If you are looking for some DIY projects to complete around the house, focus on the deck to improve your outdoor living space for the warmer months.

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