You’ve been living in your new house for less than a year now and couldn’t be happier. You’ve settled in and all seems well, but, there’s one thing to consider before reaching that one-year mark. Your builder’s warranty will be expiring soon and you should request a builder’s warranty inspection.

Homeowners are comforted by having a warranty in place. Before you reach the eleventh month, review its coverage, exclusions, and timeframe. Be sure to request a builder’s warranty inspection before the warranty’s expiration. There are three important reasons to do this.

3 Reasons to Request a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Here are three reasons to request your inspection:

The Warranty is About to End

When the warranty ends, so does your opportunity to make any claims for issues with the construction of the house. The eleventh month of your warranty is the ideal time to request a builder’s warranty inspection. Contact a third-party professional home inspector to perform the inspection.

This inspection will look for anything that may have been installed improperly, anything that has prematurely worn out, and anything else that may have been missed early on. These repairs should be covered under the warranty.

The Potential to Save Money and Gain Peace of Mind

Major issues may be found during this inspection. There are common defects often associated with new homes, including but not limited to:

Identified issues that are covered under the warranty can be repaired by the builder at no cost to you. This will save you money by not having to make these same repairs down the road.

Other issues may be found that are not covered by the warranty and are your responsibility to repair. In the end, you’ll know what shape your house is in, any issues you may need to address in the future, and you’ll have peace of mind moving forward.

Be Prepared for the Future with a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

You’ve invested a lot in your home and will continue to invest in it over the years. If you do decide to sell eventually, taking care of any issues now will make the process go more smoothly with fewer surprises. While you expect there to be some wear and tear, you don’t want to be blindsided by issues that could have been reconciled back when the builder’s warranty was still in place.

By requesting a builder’s warranty inspection during the eleventh month, you will not only be protecting your house in the short term but your investment in the future.

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