Easy Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If your goal is a dream house, you want every part of it to be perfect. Sometimes to achieve exactly what you want, you need to make renovations. Unfortunately, some improvements can be costly, especially kitchen or bathroom renovations. If you’re planning to update the bathroom, here are some bathroom remodel ideas that you can do yourself to save money.

Install a New Vanity

A new vanity is a visual and functional upgrade to your bathroom. Home improvement stores offer vanities that are mostly assembled. You can purchase it and install it yourself in a few steps.

Replace the Flooring During Your Bathroom Remodel

Changing the floor in your bathroom will make a dramatic difference. Tile is a smart flooring choice for the bathroom. It’s water-resistant and available in a wide variety of styles and color options. Installing tile is not that hard to do yourself, plus you can save money when you don’t have to hire a contractor. Accentuate your new flooring with new, plush bath mats that complement the colors of the room.

Choose New Paint for the Walls

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to change the bathroom. A new color will change the look and mood of a room. Use dark colors for a dramatic look or choose light colors to brighten the space. Alternatively, you might choose a patterned wallpaper to add interest to one or more of the bathroom walls.

Use Decor Improve Your Bathroom

The last step in a successful bathroom remodel is decorating. Adding to the decor is a chance to incorporate personal style into your bathroom. Purchase a new shower curtain, install a decorative shelf for storing bath products, or add a few humidity-loving houseplants. You can also personalize the space by installing art on the walls. Choose attractive containers for cotton swabs, bath salts, and hair care necessities. Install drawer organizers for tidy and clutter-free storage.

You only need a few simple tools, some determination, and a bit of creativity to achieve great results. These tips will help you create a bathroom you can be proud of without breaking the bank.

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